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Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi responded to some allegations against him from his former national teammate Danish Kaneria. Notably, the leg-spinner Kaneria had dubbed Afridi a "liar" and also called him a "manipulator" and a "characterless person."

Kaneria even said that Afridi used to target him during his playing days just because he was from a different religion and even forced him to take up Islam.

"And the person saying all this, look at his own character," Afridi was quoted by thenews.com.pk.

"Kaneria was like my younger brother and I played with him in the department for many years," he added.

Afridi even said if his conduct was bad then it shouldn't have taken Kaneria this long to disclose all that he claims to have happened with him.

"If my attitude was bad then why he did not complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board or the department he was playing for. He is giving interviews to our enemy country which can incite religious sentiments," he stated.

It is pertinent to note that Kaneria had earlier said that Afridi even provoked other members of the national team against him.

"He didn’t want me to be in the team. He was a liar; a manipulator because he’s a characterless person. However, my focus was only on cricket and I used to ignore all these tactics. Shahid Afridi was the only person who would go to other players and provoke them against me. I was performing well and he was jealous of me. I am proud that I played for Pakistan. I was grateful," Kaneria had said in an interview with the Indian news agency IANS.