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Miami Grand Prix likely to face cancellation citing noise related lawsuits

The Miami Grand Prix race weekend will be held on 6 May making it the second American Grand Prix of the season after Austin.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 18 April 2022 5:01 pm

Miami Grand Prix

As F1 fans are getting ready for the Miami Grand Prix, a new problem has arisen that could even lead to the cancellation of the historic race. Miami residents are trying to put forth a lawsuit against the race citing noise-related issues. According to their lawsuit, the residents feel that the noise from the race would “cause severe disruption and physical harm to Miami Gardens residents”.

The Miami Grand Prix race weekend will take place on 6 May making it the second American Grand Prix of the season after Austin. Similarly, next year F1 has also confirmed the inclusion of Las Vegas as the third track from USA. 

“Sound levels produced by a chainsaw”

The residents have cited an engineering firm’s forecast that noise potentially from the race could be as loud as 97 decibels for homes up to a distance of 2.5 miles from the circuit. They have deemed to noise to be “similar to the sound levels produced by a chainsaw”.

The race authorities are still awaiting the special events permit by the city, with Judge Fine saying: “Numerous courts before me have resisted the temptation to jump into something that hasn’t been issued yet. Shouldn’t I wait to see if the city manager issues the special events permit?

“We are in this limbo state prior to the issuance of a special events permit. It’s a very uncomfortable place for a court to be.”

Sam Dubbin, one of the attorneys for the residents, expressed that they don’t need to necessarily wait for the permit to be granted. “They live in a bedroom community and they are entitled to protection under the law,” said Dubbin.

“Miami is going to be incredible,” Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes expressed his view about the upcoming Miami Grand Prix. He said, “It’s such a huge country; having just one race here isn’t enough to really be able to tap into the sporting culture and really encapsulate the fans. To get them on the journey with us I think definitely we need to have at least two. Miami is going to be incredible.”


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