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Former Australia cricketer Michael Slater avoided jail and has been sent to a mental health hospital after he was cleared of domestic violence charges by a Sydney court. Notably, the 52-year-old was arrested by police in October and charged with harassment and intimidation of his ex-wife following an allegation of domestic violence.

Slater then was charged with breaching a restraining order in December after he was alleged to have sent dozens of texts and calls to his ex-wife. However, the judge of the hearing, Magistrate Ross Hudson told Waverley Local Court that Slater should spend three weeks in mental health hospital rather than behind bars. The judge cited treating the cause and not the consequence as the reason for his decision.

"Since February, Mr Slater has recognised his need to stay medicated and to stay on top of his mental health," Mr Hudson said. "He's shown a tangible commitment to therapy and counselling. I am of the view that we should treat the cause, not the consequences, of a crime," he added.

Slater diagnosed with mental disorders

Once a prominent face in the Australian batting line-up, Slater is struggling with his mental health as he has been diagnosed with several mental disorders. He has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, alcohol addiction, borderline personality disorder, and ADHD. To cure his illness, Slater has seen five separate psychiatrists and spent more than 100 days in various mental health facilities.

Coming to the charges pressed against Slater, the former Test cricketer was arrested at his home in Manly in October 2021 for the initial charges of stalking and intimidating his ex-wife. An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) was also brought against him at his first court appearance on November 11. Just over a month later, Michale Slater allegedly broke the AVO, sending his ex-wife more than 60 offensive texts and calls via WhatsApp.