Mick Schumacher hopes teammate Nikita Mazepin faces justified action

Mazepin and Schumacher had been going at each other at Zandvoort all weekend and it continued at the race day as well.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 06 September 2021 11:13 PM

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The Haas driver duo of Mick Shumacher and Nikita Mazepin are not having a good time together. There seems to be some sort of disagreement among the two. The Dutch Grand Prix witnessed one such hostile turn in the relationship as Nikita Mazepin tried to ward Schumacher into the pitlane barrier at the straight.

Mazepin and Schumacher had been going at each other at Zandvoort all weekend and it continued at the race day as well. It got ugly as Nikita Mazepin moved his car aggressively towards Schumacher. Schumacher was not at all happy at his teammate's behavior and hoped that justified actions would be taken against him. He also blamed Mazepin’s action for his performance at the race.

“I think it could’ve been better, obviously. Unfortunately we had the early incident with my team-mate again, which I think then caused an issue with the front wing, so I had to pit early. I think, you know, it is okay to block but to a certain extent if I already have my front nose there I think it’s a bit late to then swerve and then basically push me into the pitlane. And I think I’m not the only driver he did that to today. So I’m sure that a few people will have a look at it, and hopefully, consequences will come into play in the future,” said Schumacher post the race.

The duo also had disagreement during qualifying

Mick Schumacher believes that the possible reason behind Mazepin’s action was the incident that took place during the qualifying session. As per the reports, Mazepin was not so pleased with Schumacher’s move to go ahead of him in the pit lane. “We didn’t chat much today but I think that from his point of view, I think you saw what he still thinks about it and about the whole situation,” said Schumacher.

It had all started when Mick Schumacher went past Mazepin in the pit lane during the qualifying despite the latter having the right to go first. However, Schumacher had the team's permission which he took on the radio. The team boss Guether Steiner had also defended Schumacher on that move by saying that there is no right or wrong.


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