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MS Dhoni gets knee treatment from local doctor who sits under a tree in Ranchi

Before MS Dhoni, his parents also consulted this doctor.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 1 July 2022 11:32 am

MS Dhoni

India Cricket legend and World Cup winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been dealing with knee pain but despite access to world-class medical facilities, he has turned to an unusual place for treatment. Dhoni has decided to go with a doctor in his native place for therapy. This doctor is seen assisting his patients under a tree in a remote village in Ranchi.

This doctor is Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kharwar, who treats conditions and illnesses with wild herbs. Kharwar like all his patients charged MS Dhoni INR 40 for a single dose of medicine. Kharwar has his practice in Katingkela in the Lapung police station area which is about 70 km from Ranchi, where he has been treating patients over the last 28 years.

He has a canvas tent under a tree where the 2011 World Cup winner has been visiting him for the last one month at an interval of four days to get his medicine. The medication prepared by this Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kharwar for the treatment of bone ailments cannot be carried home.

Before MS Dhoni, his parents also consulted the doctor. Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kherwar talked about how he did not initially identify Dhoni’s parents nor could he recognize Dhoni. He then discovered his famous patient only when youngsters around his neighborhood gathered around for photos with him

He has no pride in being a celebrity: Vaidya Bandhan Singh Kharwar

Vaidya said, “Dhoni comes like a normal patient without any pomp. He has no pride in being a celebrity. However, now every four days, the news of Dhoni’s arrival gathers his fans here. So now he sits in his car while his medicine is administered to him.”


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