MS Dhoni - The Artist Who Will Teach You Everyday, Every Minute! Just Observe

The remainder of IPL will once again be an opportunity to learn from him and be better in what we all do.

Vedant SharmaAuthor

Updated - 18 September 2021 02:40 PM


The second phase of the fourteenth edition of the Indian Premier League is just a day away and the excitement amongst fans has already reached the highest echelon. Streets are blaring horns while fans are on their feet as 19th September once again allows them to see their stars back in action. As per the IPL schedule, Chennai Super Kings is all set to take on five-time champion Mumbai Indians to begin their trophy quest. MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings has been working hard in the nets with many of their players returning to the field only after the first-leg of IPL. While many term them 'Dad's Army', one cannot rule out the class of this team.

And guess what? Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni never fails to impress. Like never. Dhoni just knows what needs to be done. His mind can foresee things that others fail. It may be a god gift, may be inherited, may be developed - but whatever it is, it works beautifully for 39-year-young MSD. It is generally said that if someone else ends up praising you time and again, you are doing something good. It is also said that if you're in headlines even after retirement from International cricket, you surely have something special. That's MS.

Just days ahead of Chennai Super Kings first game, MS Dhoni has been seen practising at 2:00 AM. While everyone goes back to sleep, MS Dhoni is practising with a bowling machine and smashing sixes that we get to see only as highlights of old games. MS Dhoni smashed an unbeaten 95 off 27 deliveries followed by two consecutive half-centuries.

Now to the ones who don't follow MS Dhoni, he bats lower down the order for CSK unlike his early days with the franchise. This tells even if MS Dhoni focuses more on getting the best out of the top order and play some shots in the nets before the game - it would be sufficient, having known the amount of matches legend has played. But no - he doesn't work in the way we think for him. He has his ways and rules with supreme authority.

I don't know how much will MS Dhoni score against Mumbai Indians or whether he will get a chance to bat against Mumbai, but one thing which I can surely tell you from observing this gentleman is - learn from MS Dhoni quietly. Just observe him, and grab everything. You don't need MS Dhoni to be by your side, you just need to observe him and you will see a different perspective on life.

The remainder of IPL will once again be an opportunity to learn from him and be better in what we all do. And guess what? We like things which are free of cost right? Go and grab.

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