My $25,000 Fortnite Locker Tour: SypherPK gives a glimpse of world's most expensive Fortnite account

The 25-year-old also admitted that he really liked Deadpool challenges as he took the fans through some of the legendary skins in the game.

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Updated - 21 June 2021 12:11 AM


Ali Hassan, famously known as “SypherPK” is undoubtedly one of the most well-known streamers of the exciting battle royale game - Fortnite. Being one of the top-most players, he is supposed to have an incredible locker full of all kinds of legendary skins. In a recently released video on his YouTube channel, the 25-year-old takes everyone through a tour of his $25,000 Fortnite Locker.

I finally reveal my Fortnite locker: SypherPK

The streamer released a 19-minute video where he finally took everyone through one of the most decorated lockers in the game. In the description of the video, he stated, "Today I finally reveal my Fortnite locker... I have one of the most expensive lockers in Fortnite, definitely the biggest that on YouTube! I own every glider, skin, wrap and pickaxe purchasable. I definitely have the most out of all the other Fortnite content creators out there! Hope you enjoy!"

The 25-year-old gets nostalgic about one skin

SypherPK admitted that he really liked Deadpool challenges as he showed some of his most favourite skins in the game. From Fallen Love Ranger to Frozen Love Ranger and Molten Lava to Blaze, the streamer looked absolutely thrilled while taking everyone through to some of these legendary skins.

Reflecting on the Ark outfit from the Eternal Struggle Set, SypherPK got a bit nostalgic as he revealed, "This one has a little bit of significance as it's actually the skin that my wife used in our first Fortnite video together." Some of the other incredible skills that he showed featured Eternal Knight, Fade, Frostbyte, Wolverine, Venom, Black Panther, Arctic Assassin, Absolute Zero and a lot more.

Watch the video here:


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