NBA 2021-22 Season: How can Los Angeles Lakers win their 18th championship after acquiring an elite set of veterans

Heading into the upcoming season, the Lakers left no time in acquiring an elite squad surrounding LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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Updated - 21 September 2021 07:48 PM

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers

The 17-time World Champion, Los Angeles Lakers enter the 2021-22 season looking to avenge their fatal loss in the first-round via the hands of the Phoenix Suns. Heading into the upcoming season, the Lakers left no time in acquiring an elite squad surrounding LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Having to remove the majority of their lineup from the 2020-21 season, the Lakers are undoubtedly the favourites to win the championship in 2022.

However, the LA Lakers started the previous season just from wherein they lift their championship season. But as the season went along, injuries haunted their campaign as both LeBron and Davis were ruled out for indefinite time periods. Upon returning, both these spoken about marquee players were equipped with players who were inconsistent in scoring. As a result of which, they ended up losing in the first round itself of the playoff.

Los Angeles Lakers Squad in 2021-22 Season

Carmelo Anthony

Trevor Ariza

Joel Ayayi

Kent Bazemore

Chaundee Brown

Devontae Cacok

LeBron James

Anthony Davis

Marc Gasol

Dwight Howard

Wayne Ellington

DeAndre Jordan

Talen Horton Tucker

Wesley Matthews

Mac McClung

Malik Monk

Russell Westbrook

Rajon Rondo

Wang Zhelin

Austin Reaves

Kendrick Nunn

Head Coach

Frank Vogel


The LA Lakers have equipped themselves with one of the best squads to have ever been registered in the NBA. Having to lose all of their inconsistent players, the management delivered a statement by acquiring veterans. Making their intentions wide and clear, there is no position wherein LA Lakers do not pose a serious threat from. Be it Malik Monk or DeAndre Jordan or Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers have managed to improve upon their defensive prowess as well as have secured to pose immense offensive threats. In simpler terms, there seems to be no player who cannot manage to score less than 10-12 points every game.


It seems like anything the Lakers’ management saw as a weak point, they have ended up trading. The only drawback which any fanatic could pull up from this star-studded roster is the absence of youth. However, there should be no obstacle in this coming season, as all of these players have managed to produce one of their best performances in at least a single game in 2020. Having said that, when your roster is as stacked as the LA Lakers have in the 2021-22 season, there could be a clash of egos.

What to Expect from the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2021-22 Season?

This LA Lakers’ roster looks like one who could manage to claim a place in the playoffs with a quarter of a season to spare. Knowing that majority of the players are 30+, the Lakers will need to keep a check upon the exertion of players. Having already been haunted by injuries in the previous season, the Lakers have enough depth in their squad to battle against the most elite teams in either of the conferences. To sum up, anything less than a title for this squad shall be considered nothing less than a disappointment.


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