Picture Credit: Twitter

Stephen Curry. The name is enough. Despite the Golden State Warriors in the middle of a season that has witnessed a shooting slump from their standards, it has not stopped the basketball player from almost magically turning the match on its head and in the favour of his team. The story was no different in a recent game.

In a closely fought contest against the Houston Rockets, Curry nailed a buzzer-beater game-winner to grab a win for the Warriors. Although the 33-year has seen an illustrious career already, this was just the first instance of him getting a buzzer-beater game-winner in his playing days.

"It felt great," Curry said after the game as quoted by USA Today.

"The way the whole last 48 hours have been with the way we played grinding out last night, going overtime, losing, the disappointment with that and then coming into this game, the back and forth, just grind-it-out mentality we had, the resilience we showed to give ourselves a chance the second half was impressive," he added.

Here is Curry's buzzer-beater:

While Curry has been absolutely mind-blowing throughout his Warriors career, it may come as a surprise for fans to know that it was the first time he won the game just at the buzzer. However, it is down to some amount of luck since his shots have often stopped the clock at less than a second, which rendered them not buzzer-beaters.

"It’s just how the game kind of goes, I hit some shots .1, .4, 1 second, whatever it is, big shots,” he said. “But it’s a different feeling when it’s a walk-off. It’s good to know what that feels like finally," Curry stated.

All of this aside, Curry's shooting hasn't been that great off late. While he does not really need someone to give him confidence after already having achieved so much in his career, fans are hoping that a buzzer-beater game-winner could just be the stimulus needed for him to find his form.