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Netizens troll umpire Nitin Menon for taking out light meter frequently in Kanpur Test

Given India failed to win the game due to lack of overs, Nitin was subjected to severe criticism.

Aditya Kumar Editor

Updated - 29 November 2021 8:17 pm

  • Nitin was subjected to severe criticism for checking lights after every over.
  • India failed to get 1 wicket and were forced to settle for a draw.

Umpiring in cricket is not an easy job, nor a job liked by everyone. One wrong decision and it could lead to a destructive outcome for the umpire on and off the field. The advent of social media has made life further tougher for them and the advanced technology in the game too goes against them many a time.

While the introduction of DRS has given some sigh of relief to the umpires, it, on the other hand, exposes their mistake in front of the public at times. However, it can be taken in both ways as umpires are also praised for their decisions that are later found to be correct, while those who are wrong often come under critics’ radar. However, there are various other reasons also when umpire are praised or subjected to criticism while officiating in a game. The latter case was observed for famous Indian umpire Nitin Menon on Day 5 on India’s recently-concluded first Test match against New Zealand.

As the game was approaching towards its end with India just one wicket away for a win, Nitin Menon – who is the only Indian in the ICC Elite Panel of umpires – halted the match quite a few times to check if the light was decent enough for the game to be continued. While doing so after almost every break in some final overs Nitin definitely took a lot of time which saw the game losing some crucial overs that could have been bowled.

Given India failed to win the game due to lack of overs, Nitin was subjected to severe criticism. While many lashed out at him for checking the light time and again, others used memes to make fun of the incident.

Here are some of the best tweets:


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