Devon Conway India vs Namibia SportsTiger image

Picture Credit: Twitter/@CricNeelabh

During India's T20 World Cup 2021 fate decider between New Zealand and Afghanistan while a billion Indian fans were hoping for an Afghanistan win, it is the Kiwis who had been clinical so far and rushing towards a comfortable win. Although the Afghans did manage to score an under-par total on the board, thanks majorly to Najibullah Zadran who scored 73 runs from 48 balls, they later picked the first two Kiwi wickets inside the 9 overs for 57 runs to make the opponent bother.

However, in a massive moment in the match, in the very over Afghanistan perhaps had another wicket to their credit but they did not appeal or reviewed. The incident in question happened on the third ball of the 11th over which was being bowled by Hamid Hassan. As soon as Hassan got this ball to angle into Conway, it just managed to hold its line after pitching. This deceived the batter and he was beaten.

While there was no appeal or review from the fielding team, later the ultra edge technology showed that perhaps the batter had edged it as there was a spike in the snicko graph just as the ball passed the bat. Had the decision gone to the third umpire, he was likely to rule it out.

Here is the picture of the ultra edge on that ball:

However, that was not to be and the BlackCaps are raising towards a comfortable win with the partnership between Kane Williamson and Conway bailing them out of the only time they were behind the required run rate. The Kiwis sealed a win and became the fourth and final side to qualify for the semifinals after Pakistan, England and Australia.

In case, Afghanistan had managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat from this situation, India would have had a chance to progress to the semis by just beating Namibia.