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The 2024 edition of biennial T20 World Cup is inching closer with the participating nations playing their respective warm-up matches in the USA and the Caribbean. The Australian cricket team took to the field at the Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain against Namibia, defeating them comprehensively to prepare for the tougher tasks ahead.

In this article, SportsTiger looks at interesting stats and facts related to the number three in the T20 World Cup.

3 Semi-final finishes for New Zealand and Pakistan in T20 WC

3 semi final finishes for new zealand and pakistan in t20wc

In the T20 World Cup history, New Zealand and Pakistan are the only two nations to have three finishes at the semi-final stage of the tournament. New Zealand, who have also made the final once, are yet to win the T20 World Cup, while Pakistan have put their hands on the coveted trophy once after reaching the grand final of the tournament thrice.