The 2023 season of the Indian Premier League has lived up to all expectations so with some near-impossible chases, stunning batting performances, incredible bowling spells and outstanding catches. With this high-quality cricket, IPL has grown into one of the top pro-sporting leagues in the world. 

I n compar ison to sporting institutions like the NBA, NFL and English Premier League, the IPL, in its short 16-year history, has amassed a global reach and the ability to generate huge amounts of revenue in a short period. But like everything, there are always scopes for improvement and here the Indian Premier League can take inspiration from the beautiful game which has been the most popular sport in the world.

SportsTiger believes IPL could borrow a few concepts from around the footballing world to make the premier T20 tournament even more competitive and intriguing. Check these five possible new rules here IPL could adopt from football here:

1. Mid-Season Transfer window

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The summer and winter transfer windows have been some of the most engaging parts of the footballing calendar. During this time, we often see record-fee transfers, constant rumours and surprising deadline-day moves which make life far more entertaining for the fans. Hence we hope to see a mid-season transfer window in the IPL along with the auction. This would allow teams to improve their rosters mid-season and make a possible deep run in the tournament.