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Until 1980, the European Championship remained a four-team tournament with the first game of the Euros still maintaining its reputation as the most high-scoring game in the Euro finals. While many high-scoring games were played in the European championship finals, the first Euro clash in 1960 between France and Yugoslavia is still the most high-scoring game in UEFA Euro history.

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Euro 1960 SF: France 4-5 Yugoslavia

fra vs yug

The first European championship took place in 1960 with France being the host nation. Four teams qualified from a total of 17 teams for the 1960 European Nations' Cup (inaugural UEFA Euro finals), France faced Yugoslavia while Czechoslovakia took on the Soviet Union in the semi-finals. With the half-time break approaching, France captain François Heutte gave a 2-1 lead to his side. In the second half, France scored two goals while Yugoslavia scored just one with five minutes remaining. Miraculously, Yugoslavia came from behind to score three goals in the last five minutes and clinched the victory. The match saw a total of nine goals scored and is the highest-scoring match in Euro history.