Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Summer is here in India and so is endless toiling in heat. This time it is even hotter. The temperature has gone up and it feels like the body will evaporate if stepped out. With summer starting, the worries to look after one's health also come up. Dehydration, rashes, sunburn, are few of the many problems that people have to face in summer.

But don't you worry, SportsTiger is here with some tips to keep yourself healthy in these hot and humid conditions.

1. Stay hydrated all the time

The first and foremost thing to do in summer is to increase your intake of water. In winters, the water intake naturally goes down with the body not requiring it so much. But in summer, it needs to go up. Also, not just water intake, anything that keeps you hydrated should be consumed in high quantities. Plain water, coconut water, water with lemon and cucumber slices, organic and decaf iced tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea; there are multiple options available that one can take up during summer.

2. Avoid overexposure

Well, it is not possible to not walk out at all in summer. But one should try to avoid stepping out unless it's really necessary. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we can live without going out. So, it's doable. This will help one to avoid overexposure in extreme heat which will also suck up the hydration in your body. So, what to do if it's really necessary? It's simple. Whenever you go out, keep a bottle of water with yourself so that whenever you feel the need, you can have it.

3. Maintain a Proper diet

With the onset of summer, people tend to eat less and drink more. While it may seem an easy option to stay hydrated, the requirement of nutrients may get affected by such a routine. So, it is better to create a plan where one is getting all the necessary nutrients but also is not overeating. Junk foods and spicy dishes can be put away for a few months.

4. Proper skincare

With a rise in temperature, some people may need some extra care for their skin. Dehydration and sweating can lead to unhealthy and dry skin which may make feel one uncomfortable. So, it's better to moisturize your skin and keep it free from dust. For that one can regularly wash their face, take a proper bath, and use good moisturizers.

5. Avoid over-intoxication

Well, no one wants you to stop partying with your friends. But consuming alcoholic beverages in large quantities can lead to dehydration which is never a good thing. So, either replace them with something that keeps the water level in your body to a healthy limit or just consume it to the extent you don't feel worried about.