Adult film star Kendra Lust has shared a tweet defending KingPyn fighter Daniella Hemsley after she faced heavy backlash for flashing the crowd, celebrating her win. Hemsley took part in the KingPyn Boxing event on July 15, at the 3A Arena in Dublin, Ireland and won her semi-final bout.

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After this win, Daniella Hemsley decided to celebrate by flashing her top which led to her being barred from the KingPyn boxing final. Hence questioning this ban, Kendra Lust posted, “So what rule did she break?” The Adult star also reacted to a fan’s question about on whether the incident was ‘ok’. 

Responding to this comment, Lust shared, “My question was what rule did she break?  Did I say its ok? My point she is being banned because of what she does and who she is. They would not ban a big-name female boxer if this happened.”

Check out the tweets here:

On July 19, Kingpyn issued a statement of apology on the incident involving Daniella Hemsley, the excerpts of which read, “As we strive to bring fans the best influencer boxing events possible, we accept that Saturday’s post-fight incident may have offended some viewers and appreciate this incident didn’t meet the standards expected from Kingpyn fight nights. We apologise fully to anyone upset during the broadcast.”

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While addressing the incident, Daniella Hemsley, also released a statement on her Instagram story and said, "I just want to personally address the current media speculation. I am NOT banned from KingPyn, I have made a choice to step down from the finals fight to take some time away from heavy training camps, recover some injuries and work on my businesses. This is only the beginning of my boxing journey and I plan to be back and fighting again in Autumn/Winter. I adore all my fans and thank you for all of the support and love! I see you all xx"