Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The ongoing issues between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) don’t seem to end anytime soon. With one after other remarks by former cricketers, especially Pakistan's, it seems that the final decision continues to remain in apprehensions. Another statement by former Pakistan cricketer, Javed Miandad regarding India’s take on travelling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023 has courted controversy. 

As per the latest information, the venue for the upcoming tournament is likely to stick to Pakistan. However, as the BCCI Secretary Jay Shah said that India won’t travel to the neighbouring country owing to the government and political relations. 

Several former cricketers have criticised the BCCI for being ‘arrogant’; another name that has been added to the list is Javed Miandad. He called out India for their decision, and even went on to an extent of saying that India can go to hell. He said, “Forget security. We believe that agar maut aani hai toh aani hai. Zindagi aur maut toh allah ke haath mein hai” (If you’re destined to die, you will die. Life and death is in the hands of the almighty). If they call us today, we will go. But they should return too. The thing is the last time we went, but they haven’t come here since. It’s their turn now."

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Notably, the political relations between both the nations haven’t been in an ideal space ever since the Mumbai terror attack in 2008. The Pakistan players were barred from playing in the Indian Premier League’s opening season. Regarding India’s travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023, BCCI has made their clear stand that India won’t travel to Pakistan as it won’t get ‘clearance from the Indian government.’