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Japanese wrestling great Yutaka Yoshie passed at the age of 50 after collapsing in his dressing room. Yoshie was rushed to the hospital immediately after an All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) match over the weekend. Though AJPW confirmed the 50-year-old wrestler's death, the officials haven't revealed the cause of his death.

Yoshie started his career 30 years ago with a background in judo. He suffered a broken leg in his second-ever match which kept him out of action. After the injury, he started in the undercards and grew into  a significant figure in the Japanese wrestling business. 

Yoshie made appearances in Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH and ZERO-ONE. Coming back to his death,  The AJPW released a statement revealing that Yoshie's "condition suddenly deteriorated" after he and his tag team partner Ryo Inoue lost to Hokuto Omori as part of the company's Dream Power Series event in Gunma. 

The statement said,  "Yutaka Yoshie, who was participating in the Takasaki tournament held today, passed away on March 10, 2024. After Yutaka Yoshie returned to the waiting room after the game, his condition suddenly deteriorated and he was rushed to a hospital in Takasaki City, but he never returned home. We would like to remember Yutaka Yoshie's achievements during his lifetime and pray for his soul to rest in peace. All Japan Pro Wrestling."