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A friend of Former India international Ambati Rayudu revealed that the Hyderabad star's wife f aced many rape and death threats after his comments on Virat Kohli. Rayudu made a bold statement about how winning the Orange cap doesn't warrant your team winning the title during the IPL 2024 final in Chennai.

Through the 2024 season, Rayudu has criticised Virat Kohli and Royal Challengers Bengaluru for their approach in the IPL. Based on these comments, the Hyderabad native faced a lot of criticism and then his friend Sam Paul shared a long post about Rayudu's wife and children receiving countless horrific threats.

Rayudu's wife and children face death threats from Kohli fans

The Instagram post by Paul said, "Yesterday initially we were laughing about it but then Raydu’s wife Vidya told me, it was not just abuse but personal abuse saying things like they will harm or rape their daughters who are 1-year-old and 4-year-old. I thought maybe this is common in this kind of fame and we should ignore. Even his wife has been threatened and very seriously abused."

"But this is not a joke just because a man spoke and did his duty diligently how can some criminals be allowed to speak so low. Threatening harming, killing and rape of a 1-year-old child and a 4-year-old is a cognisable offence and strict action should be taken against all these fellows. Where is the freedom of speech enshrined under the constitution."

"I sincerely hope the justice system which includes police and judiciary take cognisance of this criminals activity and strict action is taken against all these criminals including stars who support such action."

It's not the Orange Cap that wins you the IPL: Ambati Rayudu

During the IPL 2024 pre-match show on Star Sports,   Rayudu spoke about how the Orange Cap doesn't win a team the IPL title. The former Chennai Super Kings star stated that the teams which have multiple batters with close to 300 runs generally win the tournament. The former CSK and Mumbai Indians star Rayudu said, "It's not the Orange Cap that wins you the IPL but it is the contributions like 300 runs each (of many players)."