Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Amir Khan, the former world champion in boxing, has made his first appearance on TV, after his suspected split from wife amidst a sexting scandal. The 36-year-old was seen on TNT Sports, before Errol Spence Jr took on Terence Crawford in their welterweight world title unification match on July 29, Saturday.

Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of Amir Khan, is said to be living apart from her husband, after separating from him as per the report from the Mail Online. They have also mentioned that the boxer and Instagram influencer are splitting their time between their homes in UAE and England. In the meantime, Faryal is deciding on whether she wants to end her 10-year marriage with him or not.

The 32-year-old influencer took to her Instagram handle and shared a lengthy statement on Amir's cheating scandal and wrote, " So nobody gonna talk about Amir’s responsibility to protect his marriage?? everybody has the focus on both women.

"The fact is that a married man shouldn’t cheat! No matter how many women contact him, he shouldn’t give them his attention or his energy. As a married man his responsibility is to protect his marriage, wife and the kids!"

She concluded, "Stop pointing at the woman only! "

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Notably, the English athlete is currently facing allegations of cheating, after a woman revealed that they had hotel sex multiple times for four months straight. Their fling had escalated after Amir Khan had sent out a text about wanting sex from her, as revealed by The Sun recently, which read, “I need to let me have u for a day locked up with me. Make it dirty n naughty. No holds bar. Everything goes.”

After the sexting chats were leaked, Amir Khan admitted that what he had done wasn't nice, but he didn’t think it should count as cheating. He was quoted as saying, “It was just a few texts. But I regret doing it.” The boxer, who has three children with Faryal Makhdoom, also apologised to her for his actions.

Amir Khan’s wife spotted partying without her wedding ring

On July 29, Saturday, Faryal Makhdoom was spotted partying without her wedding ring, while dancing away with her friends on the floor. After the suspected split, Amir Khan was also spotted without his wedding ring at the TNT Sports show, in the build-up to a welterweight world title unification match this past Saturday.