Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

After being released from the Romanian jail last month, the former Kickboxer and media personality, Andrew Tate has been active on social media platforms and recently shared a post, where he changed his mind about the COVID-19 vaccination as he admitted they are safe in a tweet on Monday. He will take the vaccine and change his mind with his real-world experience.

Andrew Tate along with his brother Tristan Tate was imprisoned in the Romanian jail since December last year on the suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking, however, they were released due to the lack of evidence.

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The 36-year-old Tate took to his official Twitter handle on Sunday night and wrote, "Ive been thinking long and hard and its time to admit I was wrong. I thought id be totally fine. But that clearly isnt the case and in light of the insurmountable evidence and real world experience I am forced to change my mind. I want to get the Covid vaccine. "

Former UFC fighter shows concern

Some of his followers have concluded that Tate has sold out to big Pharma companies while some believe that this tweet was sarcastic in nature. Former UFC welterweight Jake Shields showed concern over Tate’s mental health in a reply to his tweet.

In response, a user wrote that he should read the tweet again and that it was sarcastic to which Shields replied, "I’m aware because no way Andrew would ever be that big of a b*tch." Both Shields and Tate were against forced covid vaccinations. The Billionaire is yet to clarify whether the tweet was Sarcastic or not.

After spending months in a Romanian prison on charges of Human Trafficking and rape, Tate and his brother were released on March 31. Andrew and Tristan will remain under house arrest till April 29.