Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Apex Legends is gearing up to release the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event on January 24, along with a brand-new game mode. Called Hardcore Royale, the upcoming LTM is a brand-new take on Apex Legends’ battle royale formula. The game will feature major gameplay tweaks as players will be required to use their game awareness and understanding if they are seeking to be crowned the Apex Champions. 

The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will also offer 24 limited time in game cosmetics, the reactive Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper skin, an updated Store tab with bundles and favorite skin, an unlocked Reward Track and more. With Celestial Sunrise Collective Event, Apex Legends is introducing Hardcore Royale LTM, which as per experts will take the difficulty level to altogether different level. 

The ring in Apex Legends is a lot more forgiving than other battle royale titles, providing decent visibility and less health reduction. The brand new LTM will be available from January 24 until February 7 and will introduce the following changes and gameplay tweaks to Apex Legends' battle royale.

1) Limited HUD

Apex Legends' detailed and informative HUD is a crucial aspect of the game. As per the trailer, few features that will be visible are the ultimate and tactical ability's status. Without a proper HUD, players would be required to rely on their intuition and game knowledge a lot more often.

2) White armor only

The introduction of Evo Armor was a welcome change in Apex Legends, replacing standard variant and allowing players to level up their gear as they did more damage during their match. However, with Hardcore Royale, the classic Level 1 White Armor will be the only available variant in the game mode. It will not evolve but only protect players form 50 damage. This change will significantly reduce the TTK and make combat survivability much more difficult.

3) No Helmets

Apex Legends' Helmets are often overlooked, except for the Level 4 Gold variant, which reduces players' tactical and ultimate countdowns. While they don't enhance shield health, they are responsible for significantly reducing headshot damage. Hardcore Royale will completely remove helmets from its matches.

4) Armor won’t spawn in Deathboxes (No armor swapping)

Armor Swapping is a well-known trick used by veteran players where they often swap out of their armor for a better one or one with less damage, taken from death boxes. This feature will come handy when the players are in between gunfights and cannot afford to recharge their shield, saving crucial seconds and even gaining the upper hand.

5) Ring

The ring in Apex Legends is a lot more forgiving than other battle royale titles, providing decent visibility and less health reduction. The introduction of Hardcore Royale, however, will be bad news for anyone caught outside, as they will be dealt with the max ring assault, a brutal 25 damage per tick, directly to their health.