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The 21st season of Apex Legends is still a few weeks away, but the developer, Respawn Entertainment, has already teased the forthcoming season. The forthcoming Legend in Apex Legends is likely to be a master of void manipulation with a kit focused on mobility and team support. The upcoming season 21 will have several Alter Abilities, including: 

Passive: Gift from the Rift

It would allow Alter to loot the beatboxes for items except for the armour remotely. 

Tactical: Void Passage

It creates a portal through solid surfaces, that would enable quick rotations and maneuvers. 

Ultimate: Void Nexus

It would create a temporary anchor point. The players would be able to activate it remotely to teleport back to that location. 

Reports and leaks suggest that if these abilities are implemented as leaked, it would make Alter a versatile legend. It would also grant players extra loot opportunities and offer repositioning tools for both herself and her squad. Apart from the abilities, the new season would come with a new battle pass and Collective events, and the developers are also actively pursuing collaboration opportunities with other brands. 

Not only this, but the upcoming season would also have a few changes in the map, and it would come with a Broken Moon map update. However, reports also suggest that the feature would be pushed to Season 22. In addition, permanent Solos and Quads options alongside ranked and arenas modes are likely to be there that are expected to change the core gameplay experience. The new season is likely to introduce a few adjustments as well as balance them as per the new season. 

Talking about the date of the release, while Respawn Entertainment hasn’t announced the date yet, it is expected to be out in May or June. Season 20 would come to an end on May 6, hence, following the usual pattern, Season 21 should launch on May 6.