Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

India and England are playing the second Test at Lord's. Sourav Ganguly, who has enjoyed a good history at Lord's, is also present in the stadium watching the two teams play. With Sourav Ganguly around, the talks of him reuniting with his teammates surfaced in the commentary panel. Mohammad Kaif and Virender Sehwag were heard discussing Ganguly's invitation for the latter to his house in England.

Mohammad Kaif seemed disappointed and jealous at the fact that his former captain did not invite him to his house, while Sehwag has received the invitation already. Kaif was heard saying to Sehwag that at least Ganguly has invited him while he hasn't heard from him. “At least he has invited you; I didn't even get that,” said Kaif.

Earlier, during a discussion with Harsha Bhogle, Virender Sehwag and Sunil Gavaskar had demanded mishti doi, and rasgulla from the BCCI President. Gavaskar had said that he is unhappy with Ganguly as he doesn't treat him the same way he used to when he was associated with the Bengal Cricket Association.

Ganguly has landed in London to discuss Ravi Shastri's future as head coach

In the latest developments, it has been revealed that Sourav Ganguly has landed in London to discuss with Ravi Shastri about his future plans as the head coach of the Indian team. Ravi Shastri's tenure as the head coach of the men's team will be expiring after the T20 World Cup later this year. As reports are to be believed, BCCI is keen on having Rahul Dravid as the coach, while some reports suggest that Shastri himself doesn't want to continue with his role.

“Too early to talk about this, but as you are aware the president, secretary, treasurer and Vice-President are landing in London today. So they will interact with Shastri and the team and discuss various things around the tour and future of Indian cricket. If there is much to the topic of Shastri not looking to continue, it will surely be discussed over the course of the Lord's Test. But I will still say too early,” a BCCI source revealed.