Azeem Rafiq flashed his private parts at women while playing for Yorkshire: Reports

The allegations have been made in a lawsuit filed by ex-England physiotherapist Wayne Morton.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 15 November 2022 02:24 PM


Former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq has been accused of exposing himself to women while playing for the club. The allegations have been made in a lawsuit filed by ex-England physiotherapist Wayne Morton. He has alleged that Rafiq did it twice on different occasions against different women and no action was taken despite his complaints. Meanwhile, Rafiq’s defendant has called it “a twisted campaign of lies”. 

Morton filed these documents in response to Yorkshire’s defence to Morton’s claim last month in which they accused him of admitting to covering up a complaint an unnamed former player had exposed himself to a female masseuse. The papers lodged on behalf of Morton identify Rafiq as the alleged culprit during what was the club’s Twenty20 Champions League campaign in South Africa in October 2012. The second incident took place in August of the same year when Rafiq allegedly flashed his private parts at a hotel cleaner. 

The lawsuit claimed that Morton did not engage in any sort of cover-up. Instead, he reported the second incident at the time and raised the matter again last year with current Yorkshire chairman Lord Patel the day before Rafiq’s tearful testimony to a parliamentary select committee that rocked cricket to its core. 

“Mr Morton on 15 November 2021 had a discussion with Lord Patel at which he disclosed to Lord Patel that a female massage therapist had reported to Mr Morton that Azeem Rafiq had exposed himself to her whilst on tour in South Africa in 2012, a tour at which Mr Morton was not present,” the High Court papers state as reported by the Telegraph. 

“Mr Morton explained to Lord Patel that on the massage therapist disclosing the incident to Mr Morton, Mr Morton reported the matter to Colin Graves, who was then the Defendant’s Interim Chief Executive. Colin Graves asked Mr Morton to investigate and produce a written report of the incident, which Colin Graves stated he would consider in conjunction with the board. Mr Morton did as requested and spoke to both the female massage therapist and Azeem Rafiq, and produced a written report which he provided to Colin Graves.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Rafiq said: “People who have been desperate for the sport to retain its toxic culture have spread numerous variations of these false allegations since Azeem spoke at the select committee last year. 

“Every time they have been shown to be incorrect and falsified, details always changing. This twisted campaign of lies has been never ending and it has seriously compromised Azeem’s and his family’s safety, which is why he has left the country.”


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