The 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix was witness to a near-fatal incident as Alpine driver Esteban Ocon entered the pits on the final lap of the race. After starting in the pitlane, Ocon, with hard-compound tires, needed to complete his mandatory pit stop to avoid being disqualified. 

So finishing off the race, the Frenchman entered the pitlane and to his shock was greeted by a sea of FIA officials and media personnel, who were getting ready for the race winner Sergio Perez. These people had to quickly jump away from the front of Ocon’s car, as the French driver slowed to the pitlane speed limit.

Watch the video here:

Later, the FIA decided to launch an investigation, with an official statement beginning: "Representatives of the FIA responsible for the Parc Ferme area at pit entry are required to report to the Stewards at 17:30, in relation to the incident below: Personnel blocking the fast lane in the pit lane on the final lap of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix while the pit lane remained open."

Sky Sports pundit Ted Kravitz was witnessing the incident and described it as being shambolic.  Kravitz was heard saying, "What is this about?! This is a shambles. We can see it coming, Alpine can see it coming, why can't anyone else? What is going on down there?!"

Talking about the race, Red Bull completed a 1-2 finish with Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen clinching the top two spots. Finishing third was Charles Leclerc, who managed to finally get his first podium of the 2023 season. Continuing his resurging season, Fernando Alonso finished fourth while another Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz rounded off the top five.