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We all have enjoyed the cricket and football world cup, but not many of us would have imagined a world cup around balloons in our wildest dream. But playing with balloons has been a fun indoor activity while we all were growing up. Now, this leisure activity has taken a grand shape and yes, we are here talking about a Balloon World Cup 2023.

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If you are thinking that it’s a new edition to our sporting calendar, then hold your imagination as the marquee tournament had already two world champions. So, before we revealed two world champions of the Balloon World Cup, let’s delve deep into understanding how the idea turned into reality.


It all started in the year 2019 when three siblings played were playing with a balloon in their living room and argued over the winner. To get a wider opinion, they posted the video online which garnered huge traction. Notably, celebrity streamer Ibai Llanos and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique were two notable celebrities who showed their keen interest in the game.

Llanos joked on Twitter in August that the game should have it's own World Cup, with Piqué replying he would make it happen if Llanos’s tweet received more than 50k retweets. It got far more. With some nifty marketing, Llanos’s throwaway remark became a reality in Tarragona last weekend. 

Thirty-two teams of competitive ballooners were invited to showcase their balloon skills in a highly competitive environment as the winner was supposed to be crowned world champions at the Port Aventura theme park.  


The balloon always has to be struck upwards and a point is won if it hits the floor. The one who fails to stop the ball from hitting the ground loses. Matches last between two to five minutes and the player leading when the clock stops win, and much like squash, competitors must not hinder their rival’s path.

And if the teams are tied once the time runs out, they go into overtime where they must use their head and feet instead of their hands to touch the balloon.

World Champions:

2021 edition: 

While the inaugural edition was announced as a 24-country tournament with a group stage that would ensure every team played at least two matches, the format was changed as 32 participants registered themselves. Eventually, Peru became the inaugural champions in 2021. 

2022 edition:

Meanwhile, Spain’s Miquel Imbroda defeated Brazil’s Claudio Lassance in the final to clinch the 2022 edition. The third edition is all set to take on but as the information will be received from any credible source, it will be updated in the article.

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