BCCI advised to use spy cameras, concealed recorders and mobile forensics equipment to stop match-fixing

The board has been suggested some really extreme measures by the Anti Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU). 

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 19 December 2021 12:43 PM

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The issue of match-fixing and corruption in cricket has been one of the top concerns for BCCI in recent times. The board has taken some stern actions in last few years and has got some key procedures in place in order to prevent the illegal activities going around the sport in country. Usually, these issues are more prevalent in the domestic circuit and the state-wise T20 leagues and the board has been given some really extreme measures by the Anti Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU).

During the board's annual general meeting on December 4, BCCI’s ACSU chief Shabir Hussein Shekhadam Khandwawala suggested a number of steps to curtail match-fixing in the country. While nothing has been accepted as of now, the discussions are going on among the board members regarding those measures.

BCCI pondering over suggestions given by ASCU

“Yes, it is true that Shabir saab has proposed a great many things. But we are still reviewing the proposal. Some of it has outraged many and some are debatable. So, we will take a call after discussing it with the stakeholders. We also have to take into account the privacy of players and officials,” a BCCI official told InsideSport.

It must be noted that some of the actions which the ASCU has suggested BCCI sound absolutely bizarre. The usage of spy cameras, concealed recorders, high-resolution binoculars, concealed voice recorders, concealed video recorders, mobile forensics equipment etc. have reportedly been advised by the unit which might also invade the privacy of the cricketers.

"One cannot infringe anyone’s private space," says a Ranji cricketer

Reflecting on the development, one of Karnataka's present Ranji player said, "Absolutely, there is no doubt it still (match-fixing) takes place despite BCCI’s strict measures. But will I be comfortable under surveillance knowingly or unknowingly, I am not sure. I think, in the name of stopping fixing, one cannot infringe anyone’s private space. It has to be respected,”  as quoted by InsideSport.

While it has been reported that some of measures could be adopted by BCCI, it is very unlikely that the board will get any such processes in the system which breaches the privacy of cricketers.


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