Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

After an extended hiatus, BGMI returned to India in May of this year with the 2.5 update of the popular battle royale game, much to the appreciation of Indian gaming fans. The update had several gameplay changes as well as a host of new content for players to explore. Now BGMI is gearing up for the next update, 2.6, which will once again enthrall players with new content and gameplay changes.

The update is set to drop between 13-20 July, following Krafton’s trend of launching updates in BGMI shortly after updates to PUBG Mobile are released. The updates can be downloaded from Google Play store and Apple App store. There are a number of big changes coming, most notably to the M1614 and the MK47.

List of expected updates in BGMI 2.6

Full-auto mod attachment: It is expected that BGMI will allow the M1614 and MK47 guns to be fully automatic via a mod. The full-auto mod can be collected as ground loot, though even in fully automatic mode the fire rate of the two guns is expected to remain below that of the M416.

Companion spectator: Eliminated players can now don the avatar of a pet and view the game from their companion’s point of view. The character will be visible only to companions and cannot spot or hear enemies.

Tactical attachment update: Gun shields can now be attached on weapons for increased damage reduction at the cost of lower visibility.

Full movement speed on SMGs: Players will now be able to fire and move at the same time while operating SMGs. Movement will not be restricted, adding extra dueling power for players who enjoy crosshair combat. 

Melee weapon rework: Melee weapons have been reworked to be under the new machete and weapon finishes can now be added. Animations will also be updated.

Throwables quality of life update: Grenades and other throwables have had a QOL update with better animations and reduced recoil.

Vehicle update: The UAZ is replacing the pickup truck in Sanhok and Miramar, while the monster truck is added to Erangel. Additionally, the open and closed top Mirado will be updated into a single vehicle which is convertible.