Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

The BGMI Masters Series Season 2 League Week 1 schedule has been released. The first two days have already shown some exciting battles and intricate mind games, and day 3 promises to be just as action packed and rewarding to watch for the viewers. Chemin esports remained top of the group after the first two days of the league, having accumulated 65 points. All Group B matches are scheduled to be played on Wednesday, August 9. 

The full schedule is as follows:




Match 1

Group A vs Group B


Match 2

Group A vs Group B


Match 3

Group C vs Group B


The 24 participating teams have been drawn into three groups, with eight teams in each corresponding group. The teams will compete in a round robin format across four days for a total of 12 matches. Three matches are set to be played each day. The top 16 teams from the qualification week will be qualified for super weekend 1, which is set to begin on August 11th. 

The groups are as follows:

Group A

Group B

Group C

WSB Gaming

OneBlade Esports

Team Entity

True Rippers

SPY Esports

Lucknow Giants

Numen Gaming

Chemin Esports

Team X Spark

Global Esports

Velocity Gaming

Marcos Gaming

Orangutan Esports

Team 8Bit

Blind Esports

Team Godlike

Gladiators Esports

Gods Reign

OR Esports


Revenant Esports

Enigma Gaming

Team Soul

Medal Esports

Chemin esports leads table going into Day 3

As of Day 2, Chemin esports are first with 65 points, followed by Marcos Gaming and OR Esports with 55 and 51 respectively. On the other end of the spectrum, Team Global Esports and True Rippers are in dead last, with 7 and 5 points respectively. They are the only teams to not even secure double digit points and will be hoping to show a much better performance despite qualification being highly unlikely. The full points table is as follows:-

BGMI Masters Series Season 2 Points Table

Chemin Esports – 65 points

Marcos Gaming – 55 points

OR Esports – 51 points

Numen Esports – 50 points

Blind Esports – 50 points

OneBlade Esports – 45 points

Team 8Bit – 39 points

Orangutan Esports – 39 points

Gods Reign – 38 points

Insane esports – 36 points

Medal Esports – 32 points

Godlike Esports – 31 points

WSG Gaming – 29 points

Enigma Gaming – 29 points

Gladiators Esports – 28 points

Team Soul – 24 points

Team Xspark – 22 points

Revenant Esports – 20 points

SPY Esports – 19 points

Velocity Gaming – 17 points

Lucknow Giants – 15 points

Team Entity – 15 points

Global Esports – 7 points

True Rippers – 5 points