bgmi screen shake trick

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One of the most common and effective tricks to get more headshots that have gained popularity over time is BGMI's ‘screen shake’ method. With this trick, players intentionally shake their device’s screen during gunfights. The two types of screen shake in games like BGMI and PUBG include a natural screen shake and forced screen shake. Talking about the types, Forced screen shake is when a player intentionally shakes their screen by maximising the Third-Person Perspective (TPP) gyro sensitivity to 400%. 

In this screen shake, players vibrate their hands by holding the device or rapidly tapping on the screen. The forced screen shake can create visually appealing clips and montages by adding blur effect  and is not recommended for normal gameplay. In this screen shake, players find their accuracy decrease when they try to aim, move, and shake the screen. The other type of screen shake, natural screen shake is achieved by playing at a faster pace or increasing movements and reactions. 

Players need to know that the natural screen shake doesn’t directly take headshot percentage or overall accuracy. However, it is beneficial as it helps develop muscle memory for fast reactions and quick decision-making. To unlock the skills, players would require gripping their device tightly, for better hip firing and spraying. 

In conclusion, while forced screen shakes can create visually appealing clips, they are not considered the best when it comes to improving the gameplay. Hence, players need to develop a natural screen shake by increasing their speed and reaction time. Headshots ultimately depend on crosshair placement on the enemy’s head. 

Screen shake is recommended to be used only for close-range hip-firing between 5-10 meters. This is because shaking at longer ranges will lead to inaccuracy and deaths.