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With their “QUICK VOICE 2.0” campaign, Krafton India has unveiled the voice packs of 8Bit Goldy, Soul Regaltos, and SMR Gaming, which will be available in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada, apart from English and Hindi. The new update will give the BGMI players a more immersive in-game experience, which will include many different dialogues from the gaming i nfluencers.

As per the report from Esportsgen, the BGMI players will be able to avail the dialogues under three categories, which are movement, discussion, and tactics. They will be able to choose any of the lines from these three categories before informing their teammates about their next moves in the game.

The inaugural set of BGMI voice packs in the “QUICK VOICES 2.0” campaign includes 8Bit Goldy and Soul Regaltos in English and Hindi, while SMR Gaming will be available in English and Kannada. The BGMI players can expect some wit, banter, battle cries, and many other things from the gaming influencers, just like the case in the hype video shared by Battlegrounds Mobile India on their official Instagram account.

For acquiring these voice packs, the BGMI players can participate in the Super Rewards Event from March 27 to April 30, wherein the 8Bit Goldy basic voice can be unlocked in 60 UC, while the Soul Regaltos and SMR Gaming special voices will be needing 6000 and 3000 UCs to acquire. Furthermore, the Super Voice Crate can be accessed from April 8 to 30, at the cost of one draw set at 60 UC, including the first draw of the day set at 12 UC and 10 draws at 540 UC.

Apart from this, the BGMI players have the chance to unlock Modification Material Pieces, Classic Crate Coupon Scraps, and more.