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After the Minnesota Timberwolves made a historic comeback to seal the NBA West Semi -final s series 4-3 against the defending champions Denver Nuggets, Charles Barkley interacted with Wolves star guard Anthony Edwards. When the 61-year-old spoke about not being in Minnesota in nearly 20 years, the Ant-Man instantly invited him to the midwestern US state in a hilarious way.

In one of the most jaw-dropping playoff deciders in NBA history, the Denver Nuggets grabbed a 20-point in the early stages in front of their home fans at the Ball Arena with Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic scoring for fun. After a lopsided first half, the Minnesota Timberwolves started to cut down the deficit, getting themselves within a point after the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was quite tense with the Timberwolves starting to take control of the game through Anthony Edwards, Jaden McDaniels, and Karl-Anthony Towns. Ultimately Rudy Gobert and Naz Reid also got into the act to put the Nuggets out of their misery, winning the game seven 98-90 and the series.

When Charles Barkley told Anthony Edwards, “I have not been to Minnesota in probably 20 years,” the Ant-Man simply told him to be there in his own blunt style as he said, "Bring ya a**."

Michael Malone dismisses “stupid-a** questions” after blowing 20-point lead

When the Denver Nuggets head coach, Michael Malone, was asked about how hard it is to absorb a loss against the Minnesota Timberwolves after leading them by 20 points, he responded, “Next question, man.” The 52-year-old, who seemed quite unhappy about the NBA West semis outcome, also went on to mutter under his breath, “stupid-ass questions.”

“Next question, man. The season’s over. That’s what’s hard. F**k being up 20. The season’s over. You don’t understand that. The season’s over, it’s hard. Stupid-ass questions,” remarked Michael Malone.