Picture Credit: Instagram

Picture Credit: Instagram

The quarterback of Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen has had a tough last few month in the NFL offseason. A few weeks ago, his long-time girlfriend Brittany Williams unfollowed him on Instagram and deleted several pictures with him from the page. And now, she put out a cryptic post online to give fuel her rumoured split with the two-time pro bowler.

Williams, a pilates instructor by trade, posted a photo of herself on an Instagram story with a caption, “See you 27”, in front of a heart shape birthday cake that had the letters #MHWN inscribed on it. The hashtag is a reference to a podcast, named My Husband Would Never, which talks about all things relationships and advises people about how to manage them, among other related topics. It has raised speculations among the fans of Williams and Allen about the relationship status of the couple.

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Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have been together since 2017. After getting to know each other as 8-year-old at a party, they quickly lost touch before reconnecting again during their freshman year. Williams took Allen to the sorority formal where they danced, while she was present when Buffalo Bills picked him as the seventh overall NFL draft pick in 2018. 

At one point in their rocky relationship, Brittany Williams admitted on The Morning After podcast that Josh Allen had actually ghosted her for a year. She was quoted as saying to Kelly Stafford, “He ghosted me for a year, but at the same time, I was like 'OK I get it, things are just not in our timing right now,' I knew it wasn't meant to be.”

The couple was last seen together in February 2023 when Williams shared a post on Instagram in which she posed for the cameras alongside Allen, both dressed in an all black party outfit.