Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 (2023) will release on April 26, 2023, at 5:30 am IST. Season four will include the store update which brings a new Golden Week Sale, New Draws, Legacy Weapons, and more. The new season brings in new maps, game modes, cosmetics, and functional weapons to COD Mobile.

Skirmish, a new hybrid mode will be combining elements of Multiplayer and Battle Royale. One can choose one’s loadout and Battle Royale class and deploy to the Farm and Sakura points of interest isolated. This is a 12 v 12 mode in which teams will battle over control of five objectives throughout the map. The new multiplayer map is named ‘ Arsenal’, which takes Operators to a weapons and robotics manufacturing facility where some of the series’ most devastating scorestreaks have been developed.

The new Shock Wave class will have the skill to knock back enemy players, vehicles, and incoming projectiles like grenades, rockets, and other explosives. The new themed event is called ‘The Lost Treasure’ in which one will have to earn keys in order to complete general and special tasks.

The Golden Week Sale will feature the rerelease of six popular Crates, two draws, and two lucky boxes. Battle Pass vault will feature operator skins like Prophet — Geist; David Mason — Enforcer; Spectre — Chrome; and FTL — Power Line. 

The new seasonal challenges and events reward operator skins, weapon blueprints, Battle Pass XP, the new Dauntless Perk, and Makarov Pistol. The new Dauntless Perk is for immunity to movement-reducing and burn effects. A new Pistol named Makarov Pistol is a powerful secondary pistol.