Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

The Season three of the COD Warzone mobile is out and is accessible in the limited-release regions which include Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden. The update includes a new battle pass, new skins, new guns, and some quality-of-life changes.

The new Battle Pass will be accompanied by a new premium battle pass called Blackcell Battle Pass which will provide you with a higher class of combat excellence. It includes everything in the Battle Pass along with additional benefits. Activision has introduced two new operators Valeria Garza and Alejandro Vargas in Season 3.

New Weapons

The new weapons include FJX Imperium and the Cronen Squall. The FJX Imperium features a new attachment type for its weapon class with a carry handle including a tactical and heavy version. It has the lowest fire counts with five bullets per reload.

The Cronen Squall has the best range and fire rate in its class and includes six different ammo types for its powerful 6.8 rounds with two options for extended magazines, including a mighty 50-round drum attachment.

The quality of life changes including an Automatic pathing feature in which players can choose to automatically have the Battle Pass chart an effective path through the different AO Sectors or Manual pathing like prior seasons.

Check the list of notable new features in Season 3:

Battle Pass

  • Featuring Alejandro and Valeria’s factions
  • Revamped Battle Map with auto-selected tiers

Functional weapons

  • New sniper - FJX Imperium
  • New battle rifle - Cronen Squall

Field Upgrades

  • Suppression Mine
  • DDOS

Vehicle skins

  • UTV - Desert Scorpion

It also includes reduced delay time between circles closing towards the mid-game and has bug fixes that were causing the game to crash after exiting the camo menu.