Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

With IPL 2023 reaching its business end, The fight for the playoff spot has become more intense, and this time still seven teams are in contention to qualify for the remaining three playoff slots. 

In the past editions, when ten teams participated in 2011 & 2022, teams that qualified for the playoffs had a minimum of eight wins in the league stage, but this time with a tight competition going on, can we see a team qualifying with only 14 points in IPL 2023? Here in this article, we will look at how this scenario might be possible.

Current points table scenario:
GT - 9 wins (13 games)
CSK - 7 wins (13 games - 1 No Result)
LSG - 7 wins (13 games - 1 No Result) 
MI - 7 wins (13 games)

RCB - 6 wins (12 games)
RR - 6 wins (13 games)
KKR - 6 wins (13 games)
PBKS - 6 wins (12 games)
SRH - 4 wins (12 games)
DC - 4 wins (12 games)

Teams like GT, CSK, and LSG have more than 14 points in the IPL 2023 table already.  The remaining five teams - MI, RCB, RR, KKR & PBKS can try to qualify with a maximum of 14 points for the remaining one spot for playoffs. 

1. Remaining schedule of MI in IPL 2023:
vs SRH in Mumbai, 21st May

MI should lose their last match against SRH to stay at 14 points in the IPL 2023 table.

2. Remaining games of RCB in IPL 2023:

vs SRH in Hyderabad, 18th May
vs GT in Bengaluru, 21st May

RCB must lose one more match to either SRH (or) GT in the upcoming fixture to stay at 14 points in the IPL 2023 table.

3. Remaining schedule of RR in IPL 2023:

vs PBKS in Dharamsala, 19th May

RR must beat PBKS to reach 14 points in the IPL 2023 table.

4. Remaining schedule of KKR in IPL 2023:
vs LSG in Kolkata, 20th May

KKR must beat LSG to reach 14 points in the IPL 2023 table.

5. Remaining schedule of PBKS in IPL 2023:
vs DC in Dharamsala, 17th May
vs RR in Dharamsala, 19th May

As per the above scenario, PBKS will lose to RR. 

Hence, PBKS will beat DC and lose their remaining match against RR to stay at 14 points in the IPL 2023 table.

If all these happen, then the points table will look like this:
GT - 18/20
CSK - 15/17
LSG - 15
SRH - 10/12
DC - 8/10

If all the above scenarios work out, we can see one of the teams (MI, RCB, RR, KKR & PBKS) in IPL 2023 qualifying with 14 points in the table based on NRR.

Currently, RR & RCB hold an edge over the other three sides (MI, KKR, PBKS) when it comes to NRR.

Note: Points table updated till LSG vs MI (match no.63 of IPL 2023)