West Indies have faced a massive setback in the 2023 ODI WC Qualifiers after losing to Zimbabwe and Netherlands, as the two times world champion (1975, 1979) may not even qualify for the upcoming ODI WC event if they fail to perform well in the upcoming games. Here in this article, we will have a look on still if West Indies can qualify for the 2023 World Cup or not.

From Group A three teams have qualified for super six stage - Zimbabwe, Netherlands, and West Indies.

Again from Group B three teams have qualified for super six stage - Sri Lanka, Scotland, and Oman.

Points Carry Forward (From Group Stage):

Sri Lanka: 4 (2.69) 

Zimbabwe: 4 (0.98)

Scotland: 2 (-0.06)

Netherlands: 2 (-0.739)

West Indies: 0 (-0.35)

Oman: 0 (-3.042)

Now, West Indies will play against Scotland, Oman, and Sri Lanka in Super Six stage. West Indies must win all their remaining games and can reach six points overall.

Only top-2 teams in the above table qualify for WC 2023.

For West Indies to qualify for ODI WC 2023:

- Either Sri Lanka (or) Zimbabwe must lose minimum 2 out of 3 games. (Since Zimbabwe has a lesser NRR, so we consider Zimbabwe to lose most of their games).

Zimbabwe will play against Oman, Sri Lanka and Scotland in super six stage. We assume Zimbabwe lose all their remaining games and stand at only four points.

As per above scenario, Scotland loses to West Indies and beats Zimbabwe thus they stand at four points with one game left against Netherlands. We assume Netherlands beat Scotland, so Scotland also stays at four points.

Netherlands will play Sri Lanka, Oman, and Scotland in Super Six stage. We assume Netherlands lose to Sri Lanka and Oman. As per above scenario, Netherlands would beat Scotland thus they also stand at four points.

As per above scenarios, Oman will lose to West Indies but they will beat Zimbabwe and Netherlands to end at only four points.

If all these happens then points table would look like:
Sri Lanka - 8
West Indies - 6

Zimbabwe - 4
Scotland - 4
Netherlands - 4
Oman - 4

Thus, for WI to qualify for WC 2023 the results of super six games should be
- Oman defeat Zimbabwe on 29-6-2023 at Harare
- Sri Lanka defeat Netherlands on 30-6-2023 at Bulawayo
- West Indies defeat Scotland on 1-7-2023 at Harare
- Sri Lanka defeat Zimbabwe on 2-7-2023 at Bulawayo
- Oman defeat Netherlands on 3-7-2023 at Harare
- Scotland defeat Zimbabwe on 4-7-2023 at Bulawayo
- West Indies defeat Oman on 5-7-2023 at Harare
- Netherlands defeat Scotland on 6-7-2023 at Bulawayo
- West Indies defeat Sri Lanka on 7-7-2023 at Harare

But if West Indies lose their first Super Six stage match against Scotland then they get eliminated from ODI WC 2023.  The reason is West Indies in the super six points table will lose three games overall as their loss against  Zimbabwe, and Netherlands has got carry forwarded to the super six stage of Qualifier stage in WC 2023.

Both Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe now, can maximum lose only two games in the super six stage (already won 3 out of 3 games). So, West Indies can't go ahead of both Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in the points table if they lose to Scotland.

Since only two teams can qualify from qualifiers for WC 2023 hence West Indies stand eliminated even if they lose one more game.