Clash Royale Champions: Check prize pool, schedule and players for CRL 2022 World Finals

The prize pool for the World Finals will be $1,010,000 while each third-party tournament had a prize pool of $50,000.

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Updated - 20 September 2022 04:45 PM


Clash Royale League switched to an individual format . After undergoing a complete change in 2021, the 2022 edition will bring more exciting changes to the game. Supercell will introduce a ticket-based system replacing the points system and the players have to collect 'golden tickets' to the 2022 World Finals, scheduled to take place from September 23 to 25.

A total of 16 golden tickets have been made available for the CRL 2022 World Finals. Third-party tournaments, including Queso Cup, Royale MSTRS, Brenchong Cup, and ESL events, will have eight tickets while the remaining eight tickets will be given  through a six-week game event, which was open to all players.

Here are all thee details about the CRL 2022 World Finals:

CRL 2022 World Finals- Prize pool

The prize pool for the World Finals will be $1,010,000 while e ach third-party tournament had a prize pool of $50,000.

CRL 2022 World Finals- Players

Samuel Bassotto – Golden Ticket
Mohamed Light – Golden Ticket
Mugi – Golden Ticket
GencAslan – Golden Ticket
19 Ardentoas – Golden Ticket
LucasXGamer – Golden Ticket
Airsurfer – CRL22 Qualifiers
Hmble Keef – CRL22 Qualifiers
CAL Dominik – CRL22 Qualifiers
SK Morten – CRL22 Qualifiers
CAL Sandbox – CRL22 Qualifiers
Sweep – CRL22 Qualifiers
CMG Vitor75 – CRL22 Qualifiers
Pandora – CRL22 Qualifiers
EnderG – Last Chance Qualifiers
KK – Last Chance Qualifiers

The top 16 Golden Tickets holders will compete in a Double Elimination tournament taking place  in Helsinki . To win the CRL World championship,  the player reaching the Grand Final through the lower bracket, has to win 2 consecutive Bo3 duels .


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