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Picture Credit: X

Call of Duty (CoD) Mobile is in for a treat with the organisers coming up with the Pyramid’s Tomb Draw Redux . Considered to be one of the most anticipated events in the game, the players can expect exciting rewards, challenges along with bringing in some adrenaline rush in the gaming experience. 

Speaking in depth about the Pyramid’s Draw Redux, the event is expected to be released on May 1. What makes this exciting is that it raises the probability of getting the grand prize by removing the items which have been claimed. After their removal, the players will need to follow the old routine with each spin the CP rate will also increase. 

Here is the list of rewards for the CoD Mobile Pyramid’s Tomb Draw Redux: 

FFAR1 - Pharaoh’s Words

Smoke Grenade - Pharaoh’s Echo

Calling Card - Beneath the Sands

Parachute - Pharaoh’s Echo

Wingsuit - Pharaoh’s Echo

Emote - Masque of Sorrow

Butterfly Knife - Pharaoh’s Echo

Charm - Golden Echo

KRM 262 - Pharaoh’s Echo

Outlaw - Treasured Sands

What are the price for the increasing CPs after each spin?

First spin:  10 CP

Second spin: 30 CP

Third spin: 50 CP

Fourth spin: 120 CP

Fifth spin: 200 CP

Sixth spin: 320 CP

Seventh spin: 520 CP

Eighth spin: 800 CP

Ninth spin: 1100 CP

10th spin: 1800 CP