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Call of Duty Mobile has recently announced its much awaited trailer for Season 2, titled Heavy Metal. After the successful conclusion of Season 1, the second track of the Call of Duty Season 2 will continue with ‘Heavy Metal,’ which is believed to bring a host of new features and content.

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The Season 2: Heavy Metal Battle Pass features the operators like The Marshal, Deadman, Domino and Beck. The weapons in the pass include the QXR, SP-R 208, HBra3, Koshka, and the new weapon in the Maddox. The Pass will also bring new perk – Unit Support as well as the other items and blueprints. In this article, we will try to understand more about The Season 2: Heavy Metal Battle Pass.

Free Battle Pass

Calling Card – Knock ‘em Out (tier 1)

Parachute – Seeds of the Apocalypse (tier 4)

Calling Card – Sparks and Iron (tier 8)

New Perk – Unit Support (tier 14)

EMP – Seeds of the Apocalypse (tier 16)

Razorback – Deadman’s Hand (tier 18)

New Weapon – Maddox (tier 21)

MW11 – Deadman’s Hand (tier 26)

ORV – Seeds of the Apocalypse (tier 28)

Scout – Seeds of the Apocalypse (tier 31)

Rewind – Seeds of the Apocalypse (tier 34)

BY15 – Deadman’s Hand (tier 36)

Wingsuit – Seeds of the Apocalypse (tier 38)

Sticker – Shoulder Fire (tier 41)

Storm Ball – Seeds of the Apocalypse (Tier 46)

DR-H – Deadman’s Hand (tier 50)

Premium Pass:

Beck – Spray Paint (tier 1)

Koshka –Ironclad Enforcer (tier 1)

Switchblade X9 – Tarnished Veil (tier 1)

Frame – Reinforced Iron (tier 5)

QXR – DEAD-54 (tier 10)

Domino – Intimidation Tactics (tier 12)

Charm – Spray Can (tier 15)

Trickster – Tarnished Veil (tier 19)

Smoke Grenade – Tarnished Veil (tier 20)

HBra3 – Steel Carnage (tier 30)

Deadman (tier 35)

Emote – Cover and Shoot (tier 39)

SP-R 208 – Wild West (tier 40)

Spray – Metal Cowboy (tier 44)

The Marshal (tier 50)

Maddox – Aerodynamic (tier 50)