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The COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass, called the Fool’s Gold, is set to be launched on Wednesday, April 17, at 5 PM PT. With a 220 CP price, the Fool’s Gold Battle Pass is expected to feature a variety of characters and weapon blueprints, along with elevating visual and gameplay aspects, to enrich the COD gaming experience of the players.

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As per the report from Esportsgen, the COD Mobile Season 4 Fool’s Gold Battle Pass will have free and premium items including the new operator skins, weapon blueprints, and calling cards, among other things. It will also give the players the additional Call of Duty points to spend on their next premium pass or store purchase.

Here are the rewards that will be available in the COD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass:

  • Epic Character — Zoe — Jungle Diva
  • Epic Character — David Mason — Ruin Ranger
  • Epic Character — Sims — Gunner
  • Epic Character — Strongarm — Floral Fatality
  • Epic Weapon – FR.556 — Unburied Treasure
  • Epic Weapon – CX-9 — Glorious Plumage
  • Epic Weapon – Arctic .50 — Jungle Maw
  • Epic Weapon – LK24 — Envenomed
  • Epic Weapon – MG42 — Rubble Maker
  • Epic Charm
  • Epic Frame
  • Epic Backpack
  • Legendary Calling Card
  • Epic Avatar
  • New Weapon – MG42

The weapon blueprints in the COD Mobile Season 4 will offer futuristic aesthetics and battle-proven classics, to provide value to players with different tastes. All in all, the new season of the COD Mobile will allow players to immerse themselves in the fresh challenges, find ways to utilise unrevealed characters and master the weapons to achieve victory.