Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

The global update for COD Mobile Season 8 is now live in the game, and Activision has released the official patch notes. The most recent Call of Duty: Mobile patch update has added a tonne of stuff for fans, including the brand-new shotgun Argus, an original MP map called Kurohana Metropolis, Sai of Relief, Hot Potato, and many other upgrades that will be available to players in the second part of Season 8.

The "Hot Potato" Seasonal Challenge for Season 8: ERROR 404 will be made accessible at the same time the new season premieres. Players will be required to use explosive deadly equipment in MP battles, including the newly released Cluster Grenade for MP, which is now available in the Battle Pass.

Players will receive the following benefits and 18,000 BP XP when they complete all the tasks in this challenge:

  • ASM10: Leonine Guardian 
  • Tokyo Escape BGM: 
  • FHJ-18: Violet Fire
  • Avatar: Neon Dragon

The Sai of Relief is the second Seasonal Challenge of the year. As the title suggests, in order to complete this challenge, players will need to use melee weapons. Completing this challenge will also get access to the Sai, a dual-wield melee that can deal with quick thrusts and slashes. Its frontal attack range is enlarged, but its side swinging range is constrained.

The following rewards will be given to players who complete the tasks in this challenge:

  • New melee weapon Sai
  • Kali Stick’s Violet Fire
  • Oden's Violet Fire

In conclusion, Season 8 of COD: Mobile offers a wide variety of Battle Pass benefits. Even while some players might prefer specific character and weapon skins over others, the total package has something to appeal to everyone. The Season 8 Battle Pass includes content to suit preferences, whether you enjoy character or weapon aesthetics or profile adornments.