Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

The Season 9 test server of the well-known battle royale game Call of Duty Mobile is about to go live with a ton of exciting events and rewards. The test server registration for the Chinese version has just started, but it has been postponed until mid-September. Players can now expect the test server to drop sometime in mid-October.

Here is some of the leaked content for the Test Server:

Zombie mode is back:

The new zombie mode will start, requiring players to compete for points to win while trying to stay alive. There will also be a zombie event that players must play and finish in order to receive free access to special rewards.

CoD Mobile's 4th Anniversary 

  The developers have officially announced that the 4th Anniversary event will be incorporated into Season 10 instead of Season 9, and a mini event will be released in Season 9, including:

  • New Easter Egg event.
  • New Operator skill: detonator.
  • New Expected Map- Chasm
  • Some BP changes
  • In-game Optimisation

It is important to note that this is all leaked information that is subject to change, and players should keep an eye out for official updates and further leaks. However, the leaks have undoubtedly increased the hype surrounding Season 9, as players eagerly await the new content and updates.