Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Activision released Season 2 of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on February 15, which includes some new in-game items such as weapon skins, Operator, Battle Pass, and more. The new Battle Pass boasts 100 Tiers located across 20 sectors, while the rewards consist of an Operator named Daniel ‘Ronin’ Shinoda, three news weapons – KV Broadside, ISO Hemlock, Dual Kidachis and more.

The Battle Pass has been segmented into 20 sectors, each of which contains five rewards. Users who buy the bundle will instantly get the B0 Bonus Sector, which boosts Ronin and four other rewards. KV Broadside is a shotgun located in Sector 4, while ISO Hemlock, and Dual Kodachis are located in Sectors 11 and 13. Progression is now available in Warzone Mobile.

Apart from some-in game improvements, two new languages (Spanish and French) have been added to the game. After a Battle Royale match, the game will now have the Play Again option, which allows you to play another match with the same team. Activision also revealed that the upcoming update would feature new missions, more settings options, new bundles and more. The company has informed that some new limited release regions would also be included. Here are the things Activision has promised to add in the coming days.

New Missions

Weapon Based Challenges

Combat Record

New Bundles

New MP & BR Playlists

More Settings Options

New Limited Release Regions

General updates during Season 2:

Improved Message of the Day functionality

Improved Compiling Shaders functionality

Removed iOS device compatibility for those previously unable to play matches.

Updated the new player experience.

Weapon Rarity visual updates

New in-game player support system

New language options (Spanish and French)

Hit detection improvements!

Option added to play again with the same team after a BR match.

After action report updated to accommodate new features and progression

COD Warzone Mobile Season 2 patch notes:

New Battle Pass

Operator - Ronin

Assault Rifle - ISO Hemlock

Shotgun - KV Broadside

Melee - Dual Kodachis

New Field Upgrades

Portable Radar

Suppression Rounds

Gunsmith Updated

Progression now available