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Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal is currently working on his upcoming film 'Roadhouse' that also features UFC legend Conor McGregor. The movie  is the remake of the 1980s film "Road House" and  the Oscar-nominated actor appeared on the UFC many times during the film's shoot. Recently, the Irish MMA fighter shared a picture on his social media, grappling Jake with both showing their ripped physique, which amazed the fans.

In March last year, Jake crashed the UFC 285 weigh-ins to film a scene for 'Road House', where he stood in front of the former UFC fighter Jay Heiron and slapped him in the face before getting split up.

Conor has been sharing the pictures from the film on his social media and recently shared a poster showing the two stars fighting each other. While the former two-division UFC champion locked the Southpaw actor's neck, Jake tried to break out from the grapple.

Conor giving an RKO: Fans react on Road House poster

McGregor shared the picture with a caption, "McGregor Vs Gyllenhaal!  “Roadhouse” out March 21st," which grabbed the attention of many. His social media post was flooded with comments in no time as fans can't wait to watch the upcoming action film.

Check the top fans' reactions:

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While Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the role of Elwood Dalton, McGregor is donning the character of Knox in the movie. Directed by Doug Liman, Road House, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchior, J. D. Pardo, Arturo Castro, and Billy Magnussen will be released on March 21, 2024, on Prime Video.