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credit: Twitter

After the controversial video of UFC President Dana White slapping his wife on New Year's eve emerged, his brand new TV show, 'Power Slap League' was postponed and finally made its TV premiere on January 18. Following the TV show's launch, former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor made a comparison with commentator Joe Rogan.

Power Slap League was initially scheduled to be aired on TBS on January 11, however, postponed to Wednesday. The competitive slapping contest  is founded by White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Craig Piligian and produced by Pilgrim Media Group in association with the UFC and Endeavor.

The show received mixed reaction from the Netizens as many believed it is nothing like combat sports such as boxing, MMA and others while some found it interesting to watch. UFC star Conor McGregor also took to his official Twitter handle to comment on the show and wrote, "I could potentially be the Joe Rogan of Power Slap."

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Power Slap is the world’s premier slap-fighting organization, which is licensed and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as mentioned in the about section of the promotion’s website.  The first season of "Power Slap: Road to the Title" is set to continue with seven more episodes.