Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Legendary UFC fighter Conor McGregor is one of the highest-paid and most famous fighters to ever grace the octagon, and he’s not shy about showing it off. The Irishman has a collection of expensive sports cars and he recently let his TUF fighter Rico DiSciullo take his Lamborghini out for a drive, without knowing if DiSciullo could drive or not. Michael Chandler took to Twitter to say that the Lamborghini was rented, a dig at McGregor’s wealth.

McGregor is the current coach on the ongoing season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), opposite Michael Chandler. The mixed martial artist has a number of bantamweight and lightweight prospects under his wing.

In a recent behind-the-scenes video posted to Twitter, the five-time World Champion is seen giving DiSciullo the opportunity to drive his Lamborghini. The TUF fighter saved McGregor from going 8-0 done to Michael Chandler as he pulled off a sensational comeback to beat  Hunter Azure and qualify for the semi-final.  Afterward, the Notorious claimed that he didn't know whether or not DiSciullo can drive.

McGregor said, “He took off in the thing. I was a little bit nervous as well because I don't know whether he can drive or not.” Michael Chandler would comment on Twitter later, and said, “Conor rented it.”

McGregor supports new Irish fighter in UFC Shauna Bannon

Strawweight fighter Shauna Bannon is set to join Conor McGregor and Ian Garry as the third Irish fighter on the UFC roster. Bannon becomes only the second Irishwoman to sign with the promotion after Aisling Daly who competed in the UFC three times between 2014 and 2015.

McGregor took to Twitter to congratulate Bannon on her signing, and said, “Super excited to be supporting Ireland’s newest UFC fighter! Shauna Bannon is FIREWORKS! Excited to see her grace the Octagon this week! We are with you all the way Shauna, when one of us go to war!”

Bannon has an extensive amateur fighting history, training with former UFC fighter Paddy Holohan in Dublin. She most recently fought Finnish Mina Grusander and won 6-5 by unanimous decision.