Two of the greatest footballers of modern era - Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo - have always pushed each other beyond their limits throughout their careers. Having won all kinds of records and trophies over the years, the legends of the game are still challenging each other in the twilight of their careers. As the Argentine skipper finished as the highest goal-scorer in the recently-concluded Copa America, the Portuguese captain emerged as the top goal-scorer in EURO 2020.

Messi-Ronaldo rivalry continues off the field

And just like on the field, everything got squared off outside the field as well. Recently, an image of Lionel Messi on the packet of beedi got viral on social media which has left the fans in splits. One can also see the name of the tobacco at the bottom of the packet as it's named as 'Messi Biri' with the photo of Argentine captain on the packet.

Interestingly, fans were quick to roll out another image where Cristiano Ronaldo can also be seen on top of a similar packet of beedi with the name 'Ronaldo Biri'. To add to the humour, the name of the factory written on the packet has also been inspired from the Portuguese skipper, named as 'New Ronaldo Biri Factory'.

Check out the photos here:

Reason behind the usage of footballers' images on beedi packets revealed

"We have thousands of Beedi manufacturers in this town and for us too branding is important. There is not a single person in this state who hasn’t heard of Messi and since the World Cup is on, it makes a lot of sense to bring out special edition bidis named after football stars,” a bidi manufacturer was quoted as saying by Inuth in 2018.

While Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have never backed out from pushing each beyond their limits to become the best in whatever they do, this could probably be the only field where they won't really enjoy the intense competition between them.