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Al-Nassr and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will escape the probable suspension from a game amid his reactions to Al-Shabab fans, according to reports. According to a Saudi Arabian reporter, the 39-year-old forward will not be punished for even a single minute of the game.

It was speculated after Al-Alami’s game against Al-Shabab that the veteran footballer would be suspended for two matches over his X-rated reaction to the latter’s supporters when the crowd was raging with the chants of another football legend and Ronaldo’s rival Lionel Messi.

With the theories and views only increased with each passing day, a Saudi Arabian journalist Al-Harbi feud such claims on his social media account and revealed that the star player will feature in their fixture against Al-Hazem. He further wrote that he would not be suspended for even a minute and wait for his 49th goal in the next match.

According to his post on X (formerly Twitter), “Everything that is being said about stopping the outstanding player and football legend is completely false. Cristiano Ronaldo will not be suspended for even a minute. Forget the rumors, and wait for his 49th goal in the Al-Hazem match.”

Ronaldo signalled X-rated gesture on Al-Shabab fans

Earlier, in their previous match against Al-Shabab, Cristiano Ronaldo found himself in controversies after the Portuguese star signalled an X-rated gesture towards the fans of Al-Shabab crowd after they were chanting the “Messi, Messi” chants during the match.

According to the viral footage on social media, the star player was seen cupping his ear and repeatedly thrusting his hands near his pelvis to the supporters of Al-Shabab. Following this incident, social media was filled with controversies and debates and it was speculated that Ronaldo should be penalised and banned for a few matches.